Flickr Commons

The Commons on Flickr is the most amazing resource, but not only does it contain tens of thousands of images from large institutions across the world, shared for all to see (and use), it is a whole community where information is offered, gathered and documented. You can see what’s happening and keep up with the latest news and discoveries in the Flickr Commons group. There’s also a dedicated and fascinating blog called Indicommons.

To give you a flavour, here’s a slideshow of some example images from the UK’s National Maritime Museum, but be sure to check out more via the main Commons site – And finally, I’ve just put together a (very experimental) interactive timeline of pre-1900 Commons images – about 11,000 in total!



Leleuvia Island, Fiji, View of palm tree grove

Canbera, Aus, View from Mount Ainsley

Canbera, Aus, Posters on side of shopping centre

Canbera, Aus, Kangaroo on Mount Ainsley

Canbera, Aus, Gum tree

Aurere Waka School, NZ, Solar Compass

Aurere Waka School, NZ, Hoi (paddle) carving

Aurere Waka School, NZ, Hangi (Maori cooking method for special occasions)

Auckland, NZ, Shopping centre with palm trees

Auckland, NZ, Marae being worked on by conservation team

Auckland, NZ, Harbour

Auckland, NZ, Gay bar in town centre

Auckland, NZ, Boat leaving port with flag

Auckland, NZ, Auckland War Memorial Museum, Maori performer in Museum

Auckland, NZ, Auckland Sky Tower

Auckland, NZ, Auckland park tree

Auckland, NZ, Advert with women Hongi-ing

Wellington, NZ, View from hills

Wellington, NZ, Carving outside church

Wellington Port, NZ, Fog rolling over the city

Sydney, Aus, Sydney Opera House

Sydney, Aus, Students in the rain

Sydney, Aus, Giant chess in the park

Sydney, Aus, Bridge to Australian maritime Museum

Sydney, Aus, Bird on wall

Suva, Fiji, Tobbaconists

Suva, Fiji, Tanker and cranes

Suva, Fiji, Sunday church service

Suva, Fiji, Street market

Suva, Fiji, Shop front Easter sale

Suva, Fiji, Shipping containers

Suva, Fiji, Port and containers

Suva, Fiji, Holiday Inn Hotel

Suva, Fiji, Coca Cola

Suva, Fiji, Cinema front

Suva, Fiji, Chicken skewers

Suva, Fiji, Boy on Drua

Porirua Station, NZ, Graffiti

Northlands, NZ, coastline

Mangonui, NZ, Harbour

Leleuvia Island, Fiji, Waisiliva Art Gallery

Leleuvia Island, Fiji, View of palm tree grove

Leleuvia Island, Fiji, Dogs on beach

Leleuvia Island, Fiji, Boat landing

Leleuvia Island, Fiji, Band playing on beach

Auckland, Auckland War Memorial Museum, Volunteer fixing Marae

Auckland, Auckland War Memorial Museum, Maori performer with tourist

Auckland, AUckland War Memorial Museum, Maori performer in exhibition