Dated Vintage Photographs – Interactive Timeline

Here’s a first attempt at creating an interactive timeline from images in the Dated Vintage Photographs group on Flickr.

It’s a bit small here, so best to view the timeline full-screen.

6 Responses to Dated Vintage Photographs – Interactive Timeline

  1. Barbara Swift says:

    I can see no pictures to click on. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. Mary H says:

    Great idea. However, over time, I foresee the need to break these into categories. You might consider tags as people submit photos.
    known & unknown subjects
    male, female, children
    locations (photographic studio)
    photographer name
    clothing types (ex. bowler hats)

    • James says:

      Mary, you’re one step ahead of me! I have plans to add in the ability to filter by a specific date range (so, for example, you can look at just one decade, but much more spread out) and also to add a filter by keyword (though that will have to rely on how people have catalogued/tagged their images on Flickr). The one that’s a bit more complicated, but still feasible, is to have something more map based too.

  3. Valerie N. Moran says:

    Are you still accepting photos?

  4. James says:

    Hi Valerie. Yes, very much so. You’ve reinded me that I need to get full instructions up, but essentially you just need to add images to our Flickr group – (If you’re not already a Flickr member you can either sign up, or send images to [email protected] and I’ll upload them on your behalf).

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