Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2018-02-16

  • RT @TheKnotUnites: “I am looking forward to the visit. I shall see everything again although I have lost my sight. I am delighted to know t… ->
  • Found on Flickr: Jim & Others 1941 Bowling Green, Winster. from Winster, Derbyshire – https://t.co/qDD9oFB0ng https://t.co/XpPlPB3Y88 ->
  • Found on Flickr: [Portrait of an African American Boy] from SMU Central University Libraries -… https://t.co/njjZmKFznR ->
  • Found on Flickr: Richmond [illegible] Aged 15 Years, Mrs. Melinda Warren, Waco, Texas from SMU Central University L… https://t.co/OPsKLSUCAR ->
  • RT @NLIreland: Thanks to our #PhotoDetectives we learned that model Linda Ward, pictured, swapped New York for Dublin saying “Irish photogr… ->
  • Anyone with female ancestors who served or worked during the First World War? This is a great opportunity to find o… https://t.co/QWDXaCLZBE ->
  • RT @JayneShrimpton: Photographic and material evidence demonstrates how a Victorian domestic servant wore a luxury silk gown, 1860s, for 'S… ->
  • Today at a seminar someone used a ca 1930s archived image of a cat that is the spitting image of my Timmy! https://t.co/5fwqUbyhaN ->
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