Weekly twitter digest: 2011-10-07

  • New on Flickr: Misleading information "Young boy, 1865" – I think not!: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    I b… http://t.co/QyIiJJf5 #

  • New on Flickr: 1860s couple by R Green, Norwich: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    Another carte de visite th… http://t.co/8XzPuPKP #

  • New on Flickr: 1860s carte de visite by Jackolett, Northampton – lovely dress!: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:… http://t.co/o5SFwj8A #
  • New on Flickr: Old lady in bonnet – carte de visite by S Long, Woolwich: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    Ty… http://t.co/Zg3FA7QS #

  • Why you should never jump to conclusions from information on old photographs "Young boy, 1865 – I think not!" http://t.co/sGCScBVO #
  • Spotted on #Flickr At the Seaside: LJMcK posted a photo:

    1920s glass plate negative.
    Blackpool, England. http://t.co/x50Boe1x #

  • Anyone see the photo Daisy gave William on #DowntonAbbey – looked like a cabinet card, which would be unlikely by 1914! #
  • New on Flickr: Pretty as a picture, this carte de visite has real character!: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:
    http://t.co/mq50S5pL #
  • Any French genealogists care to try identifying this family? Jeanne Lemoine, with children and dolls, 1894 http://t.co/ZgYP4gl8 #
  • Spotted on #Flickr "I can hardly contain myself!": smokey lace posted a photo:

    This little one is definitel… http://t.co/FFFxmIGX #

  • Golly, you feel like you're staring into their souls "Hattie Monro Concerned Daughter Daguerreotype" http://t.co/OQ7LxuOJ #
  • I want to win the lottery … RT @skinnerinc: See more fascinating early photography in our daguerreotypes auction: http://ow.ly/6LL2P #
  • @skinnerinc Would you be able to give me an opinion/valuation on this lovely cased set of New Jersey ambrotypes? http://t.co/fGHpjzCi in reply to skinnerinc #
  • Spotted on #Flickr Beautiful Young Mother & Darling Baby Daguerreotype: Mirror Image Gallery posted a photo:

    http://t.co/KcAmfIK3 #

  • @2nerdyhistgirls you need to click 'Expand' bottom-right of page, or go to http://t.co/AwxQpYni @skinnerinc superb collection and catalogue #
  • New on Flickr: Unknown lady in fine dress, by McLiesh, Darlington: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    The fina… http://t.co/BbPJcjYe #

  • New on Flickr: Boulevard de North, Brussels, by A Jager, Amsterdam: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    Nice st… http://t.co/yMU6RMY2 #

  • New on Flickr: Four young siblings, by Willis, Southend: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    I confess to sligh… http://t.co/x0aJGACM #

  • New on Flickr: "Warwick – hanging out nets to dry": whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    A completely unmarked c… http://t.co/DxmaIBlI #

  • Oooh, love a mystery! If this castle isn't Warwick, where might it be? "Warwick – hanging out nets to dry" http://t.co/31DKg4X8 #
  • Oh dear, I won all 3 lots I bid on at auction this week. Oh double dear, my wife reads my tweets! "What, more blimin photos?":) #
  • I couldn't help draw comparison with #DowntonAbbey on this WW1 hospital image at a stately house – http://t.co/I4mn2XCc #
  • New on Flickr: Could this be Downton Abbey? WW1 hospital at country house.: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    http://t.co/Vjsnuhod #

  • New on Flickr: Miss Ripley, WW1 nurse – a story to unravel: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    This is Miss M … http://t.co/5RLDZVEg #

  • Have inadvertently helped someone find the grave of her great great uncle – http://t.co/pbeTwFRR – very satisfying #
  • Identified! Not #DowntonAbbey but Parc Wern (now Park Beck), Swansea, a hospital during Great War – http://t.co/I4mn2XCc #
  • @EastMarple1 If you pop round to Gainsborough Close you can see it on Street View (and a builder drinking tea!) http://t.co/nHoh2Qus in reply to EastMarple1 #
  • @swanseamuseum I think you'll like this image, just identified as being Parc Wern (now Parc Beck) Swansea http://t.co/I4mn2XCc #
  • New on Flickr: Press cutting – Parc Wern Hospital Dance: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    This is the press … http://t.co/7VHnVpwQ #

  • New on Flickr: Postcard sent 1 November 1917 to Miss Ripley: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    The card was s… http://t.co/TXIKaOZh #

  • New on Flickr: World War One tank – Mark 1?: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    Postcard based on an illustrat… http://t.co/XUyDQJhF #

  • Spotted on #Flickr 1920s: Coventry Farm, Wroughton: Swindon Collection, Central Library posted a photo:

    Sou… http://t.co/BDqz1mSJ #

  • Spotted on #Flickr Vue générale du château de Gudanes, Château-Verdun, près les Cabannes: Bibliothèque de Toulo… http://t.co/IVCq6Ds0 #
  • Spotted on #Flickr Little Darling & Dad Ambrotype: Mirror Image Gallery posted a photo:

    1/4 Plate ambrotype… http://t.co/frzPgSnH #

  • Nice article RT @skinnerinc Daguerreotypes: Haunting, Beautiful & Storied Pictures http://ow.ly/6PJgG which images speak to you? #
  • New on Flickr: World War 1 postcard album cover: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    The cover of Miss Ripley's… http://t.co/t06H79xE #

  • New on Flickr: Miss Ripley's postcards, sorted by date: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    The postcards had b… http://t.co/tZxmMnMh #

  • @I_W_M you're on telly – http://t.co/4oXUveyr #DowntonAbbey #
  • Love this @I_W_M image of wartime allotments in @kewgardens (and nice new collections interface too – http://t.co/6HevOGoI) #
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