What’s that picture?

Have you ever looked at an old photograph and wondered where it was taken? What something is in a picture? Or whose face it is staring back at you?

What’s That Picture? is a site for anyone who wants hints, tips and practical help to find out where, what, or who is featured in an old picture.

Here you’ll find Recent Discoveries, new Mysteries, and coming soon some helpful hints and tips to help you identify and date your own photographs. There’s also the In Focus section, shining a spotlight on wonderful vintage images from around the world.

Recent posts

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2016-04-22

ENDS SUNDAY Lee Miller: A Woman’s War at @i_w_m – amazing pictures from a remarkable lady https://t.co/ZAKjmSbLJq https://t.co/xerQO9MHPP -> German and British officers at the funeral of PoW Captain Wilfred Beckett Birt 22 Apr 1916 https://t.co/nrgbvWWCcT https://t.co/neUj40LxeL -> Always nice … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2016-04-15

If you enjoy looking at early daguerreotypes here's your chance to make your own at the unbeatable @foxtalbotmuseum https://t.co/GxmdGJShqM -> WW1 photographer Ernest Brooks at his finest, 100 years ago, 16 April 1916 via @I_W_M https://t.co/ETJJHyA3EX https://t.co/WYsUyuvItt -> It looks … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2016-04-08

Clever stuff, and all created from a few reference still images https://t.co/NDWuSCbv9t -> I've just been talking to the daughter of a lady who features in this WW2 poster held by @I_W_M https://t.co/raN3u2YaRK -> HMS DRAGON, BRITISH BEACON & HMS … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2016-04-01

Looking forward to being back at @WDYTYALIVE after a year off, and now in my new job with @I_W_M -> RT @NYPLRecommends: @PhotosOfThePast Sure! How about A WORLD HISTORY OF PHOTOGRAPHY by Naomi Rosenblum. #fridayreads -> RT @NYPLRecommends: @PhotosOfThePast And … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2016-03-25

RT @ThisDayInWWI: Grenades Bench – Handgranatenstand. Aufgenommen am 25. March .1916. Inf.Rgt.Nro.5. https://t.co/a4qhGTYL8H https://t.co/… -> Found on Flickr: Newcastle Central Station in 1865 by W & D Downey from Billy Embleton – https://t.co/etwTswDwjT https://t.co/FFaegDB7Jm -> New photo: On This Day … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2016-03-18

Gorgeous early 1900s stereo autochrome of bluebells & Queen Charlotte's Cottage @kewgardens // @KewDC https://t.co/FcV4lW2uI5 -> New photo: Wallet for Gevaert prints: whatsthatpicture posted a photo: https://t.co/TsVLTk3avu -> New photo: Wallet for Kodak enlargements: whatsthatpicture posted a photo: https://t.co/9Lz9DvxHTC -> … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2016-03-11

RT @UAlbertaMuseums: Our upcoming exhibition is a travelling exhibition from the @WellcomeLibrary! Details: https://t.co/8jWEIkoZ7m #yeg ht… -> C. K. Hamilton's first flight at The Meadows, Seattle, Washington. 11 March 1910 https://t.co/iaHa02xG8Q https://t.co/s20Y5YxZyw -> #WW1 'On This Day' via @I_W_M View … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2016-03-04

Great "Past on Glass" project from @SuttonArchives digitising the Knights-Whittome glass plate collection https://t.co/8QqNcMpMQ5 -> I'd forgotten just how much I loved this "Phyllis Carrington and her kitten, June 1903" https://t.co/S6welpN0Mw https://t.co/RlOam5MP4t -> Found on Flickr: Group photo with a … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2016-02-26

Handgranatenstand oberhalb der Felsengelerie zur Unterstützung der Sperre.. On this day 27 Feb 1916 via @Europeanaeu https://t.co/haPWgBypN2 -> Ships at Circular Quay, Sydney 'On This Day' 2 March 1886 via @anmmuseum https://t.co/6QxYQdOeo0 https://t.co/7rdJ17FUUK -> "Percy John Proctor, draper's assistant, arrested … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2016-02-19

Exzellenz Roth mit seinem Generalstabschef Obstleutnant von Langer #otd 1916 HT @europeanaeu https://t.co/vYiLacHvR3 https://t.co/bn4iDzJXTv -> The fact that this was just one of no doubt many thousands of similar cards, makes it no less poignant #Verdun https://t.co/SFK8tZ1Vzc -> RT @LynnsWPics: … Continue reading