What’s that picture?

Have you ever looked at an old photograph and wondered where it was taken? What something is in a picture? Or whose face it is staring back at you?

What’s That Picture? is a site for anyone who wants hints, tips and practical help to find out where, what, or who is featured in an old picture.

Here you’ll find Recent Discoveries, new Mysteries, and coming soon some helpful hints and tips to help you identify and date your own photographs. There’s also the In Focus section, shining a spotlight on wonderful vintage images from around the world.

Recent posts

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2015-02-20

Just added a brand new mystery photographer, George Lonman, to my collection of Ealing studios // @JayneShrimpton http://t.co/ZCzBMU54Yd -> Interesting copyright conundrum – @FrancisFrith died 1898 so images are Public Domain, but which ones did he actually take vs his … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2015-02-13

RT @jamesinealing: Just discovered this old but excellent resource on early photography from @CornellRMC http://t.co/YzdNhUJcp2 http://t.co… -> New photo: Carte de visite by Porter, Ealing (reverse): whatsthatpicture posted a photo: Part of my resear… http://t.co/Yiy9lUacYh -> New photo: Carte de … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2015-02-06

This C19th @AspreyLondon album of cartes de visite from @EastMarple1 is a real treasure, with some notable studios https://t.co/FjXXrUn5x3 -> I had high hopes for the new 'Camera Role' display feature in @Flickr but actually find it quite extremely dull … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2015-01-30

Hearing about #Daguerreobase at @EurPhoto mtg. Combining work @europeanaeu with my passion for early photography http://t.co/eBMu5eTdDU -> RT @RealTimeWW1: Freemasons' lodge in Berlin offers its building as military hospital.German soldier's postcard.http://t.co/04GVZupSm7 http… -> Behind the all-text interface, there are some … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2015-01-23

RT @AOYLeuven: Only 9 days left to the opening of the exhibition #AllOurYesterdays in Leuven! http://t.co/8NoN3wcKZh http://t.co/iiYH1ZGopr -> Spotted on #Flickr: Mrs. Mary Partridge Woodman (CDV by J. Taylor's Photographic Studio, 191 Sixth Avenue, New… http://t.co/AvWqPCqdJz -> Looks like @wellcomeimages … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2015-01-16

A Hungarian child's postcard sent from Groesbeek, Netherlands (1920s Dutch-Hungarian child rescue) https://t.co/AJOngdZXDN -> Spotted on #Flickr: WW1 – Group of distinguished Australian soldiers – 48th Battalion: Named Faces from the Pa… http://t.co/FTxAwHMp21 -> Thoroughly enjoying browsing through the Flickr … Continue reading

Sometimes it just takes the tiniest detail to get a vital clue

The Smithy, Manafon, Wales, 1894. 176 megapixel, 2,400 dpi scan (15,559 x 11,326 pixels) Zoomable view via Google Open Gallery. Double click to zoom. Click and hold to move. Or use zoom tools visible on hover. When I first saw … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest

Spotted on #Flickr: Billy Stevenson 1895: mr broddy posted a photo: Billy Stevenson c1895 in uniform. Prob… http://t.co/TZAzIGikuc 20:19:54, 2015-01-17 Spotted on #Flickr: Another Hidden Mom?: ilgunmkr – Thanks for 1,500,000+ Views posted a photo: Cabinet ca… http://t.co/OuokvgCGyi 20:19:53, 2015-01-17 … Continue reading

Why I’m making my whole vintage photo collection Public Domain

This month is Public Domain Month and it has prompted me to do something that has been on my mind for some time. I have decided to change the license on my entire personal collection of vintage photographs to Public Domain: … Continue reading

Weekly twitter digest: 2013-06-14

43 years after original was taken, today I went back to Welwyn track & did a 'grown up' version, here on @historypin http://t.co/amG0ve5Up7 #