What’s that picture?

Have you ever looked at an old photograph and wondered where it was taken? What something is in a picture? Or whose face it is staring back at you?

What’s That Picture? is a site for anyone who wants hints, tips and practical help to find out where, what, or who is featured in an old picture.

Here you’ll find Recent Discoveries, new Mysteries, and coming soon some helpful hints and tips to help you identify and date your own photographs. There’s also the In Focus section, shining a spotlight on wonderful vintage images from around the world.

Recent posts

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2015-11-13

RT @jamesinealing: Tonight I'll be at @WindsorCastleW8 for a pint & live tweeting to support launch of https://t.co/wCvwedq8Fm #52Pubs http… -> RT @jamesinealing: I'll then move on to @GoldenLionFham for more #52Pubs and https://t.co/wCvwedq8Fm live tweeting #itsworkreally https://t… -> RT … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2015-11-06

RT @LynnsWPics: Friday Pic. Early 1860's of lovely young lady in beautiful dress. Plain back CDV. No PH. #FamilyHistory #OldPhotos https://… -> RT @rshepherd1964: Born #OTD in 1835: Cesare Lombroso, physician who believed criminals have identifiable physical characteristics. https:/… -> … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2015-10-30

RT @Europeanaeu: Johannes Vermeer, Dutch painter, was born #OnThisDay in 1632 https://t.co/ZT7BF7PZZP #arthistory https://t.co/50cCnhRbAN -> RT @Europeanaeu: Double, double toil and trouble… Inspiration for your #Halloween costume via Europeana: https://t.co/ar0HH6Fw52 https://… -> RT @ArmittMuseum: Happy Halloween from the Armitt Museum … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2015-10-23

Looks like a fun job. Are you digitizing them to share? https://t.co/iEcogmuf0Q -> RT @aaronslodounik: Discover other fellow 19thC art historians and photohistorians, as well as literature scholars to follow: https://t.co/… -> Shoemaker and botanist Richard Buxton. Daguerreotype, 1851 ht … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2015-10-16

RT @BLAsia_Africa: West Africa: word, symbol, song opens at BL tomorrow. Read co-curator Marion Wallace's blog http://t.co/gItTx9Ater http:… -> Found on Flickr: Napoli – 1870s from ggaabboo – http://t.co/G0WHhhULx5 http://t.co/8KBjFrwG2x -> Found on Flickr: from elinor04 thanks for 19,000,000+ views! … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2015-10-09

RT @NMMGreenwich: Measuring their speed or an early example of someone taking a selfie? #tbt #ThrowbackThursday http://t.co/4xxMIL1iw5 -> Found on Flickr: Republican prisoners captured during the attack on Passage West being mar… http://t.co/O377lh80W9 http://t.co/cIPfrvwvT2 -> Found on Flickr: Guy Photo … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2015-10-02

Found on Flickr: Woman in a fur coat with an armful of packages from simpleinsomnia – http://t.co/4PdiENyiKe http://t.co/zXqF42tkbo -> RT @nytimesphoto: “They took initiative; they took risks.” Pioneering female photographers in Mexico http://t.co/NcK1rUyORb http://t.co/v54… -> RT @Europeanaeu: 10 Retro Pictures … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2015-09-25

RT @RCPEHeritage: Sorting the papers of 19thc medic Henry Balfour, contains this great pic of an Edinburgh Infirmary children's ward http:/… -> Let me know if this is useful: a guide to early image sizes – searchable and printable, incl … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2015-09-18

Found on Flickr: Marotaka Point, Raglan Harbour, 1910 – Photograph taken by Gilmour Brothe… http://t.co/3vNbrwVdsj http://t.co/f3s97uEokx -> New photo: Sixth plate tintype of a smartly dressed young couple: whatsthatpicture posted a photo: Interes… http://t.co/M7Lz2iAR6Y -> New photo: Ambrotype of mystery … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2015-09-11

Found on Flickr: Disaster on the A57 from Greater Manchester Police – http://t.co/P5u2BsqOvv http://t.co/GnA0FeOpdX ->