Weekly twitter digest: 2011-12-30

  • Wow, in just 5 days my Flickr Commons @Layar mobile app has had >1300 people use it from >100 countries! http://t.co/uVtvqYL3 #
  • @margotnote intrigued by relievo suggestion – this the only ambro I own that is sealed like a daguerreotype http://t.co/LVxKSG9x in reply to margotnote #
  • @RyanD gigapixels? Are you offering to buy me a nice new scanner for Christmas? Have a good holiday. in reply to RyanD #
  • @RyanD 'primary digitization rig' – serious toy envy! At best I have a dslr on a tripod with a cobbled together lighting rig! @margotnote in reply to RyanD #
  • New on Flickr: Vintage Christmas interior: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    Not a great quality image, and v… http://t.co/jxTNaYMy #

  • New on Flickr: This lot know how to have a good time at Christmas!: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    Sorting… http://t.co/k3bnSZ40 #

  • New on Flickr: Christmas party hats: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    Sorting through a bagful of snapshots … http://t.co/VMm7mb04 #

  • @RyanD For small numbers maybe, but for an album of 200 cartes de visite, fronts and backs, I simply don't have the time (or patience) in reply to RyanD #
  • Wishing all my Twitter followers "a very merry Christmas & many of them" with these 3 sweet young children – http://t.co/EAkkPRFN #
  • New on Flickr: To dear Willie wishing him a very merry Christmas & many of them: whatsthatpicture posted a photo… http://t.co/LMRzUDs9 #
  • New on Flickr: Unboxing Day: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    Before Christmas I had a bit of a tidy and fou… http://t.co/9BiS9HnM #

  • New on Flickr: "Wishing you a Happy Christmas" – Cabinet Card greeting: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    I j… http://t.co/cj82QPEi #

  • New on Flickr: Ghosts of Christmas Past?: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    In amongst hundreds of snapshots … http://t.co/YJakecTO #

  • Spotted on #Flickr christmas, diane arbus style: unexpectedtales posted a photo:

    For many more unusual, bea… http://t.co/6Mcsvsty #

  • Spotted on #Flickr party like its 1926: unexpectedtales posted a photo:

    wonderful low light 1920's shot
    For… http://t.co/XnH3ozYz #

  • New on Flickr: Room for, errr, one: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    Another pair of snapshots found in my r… http://t.co/wyIvx5a9 #

  • Just found out my GGG Uncle Tutton was captain of the St George RYS & sailed 43,000 miles around world in 22 months, 1891-2 #genealogy #
  • @MarDixon good thanks. Just sitting at my parents watching 1960s family cine films my aunt has had put on DVD. How's you? in reply to MarDixon #
  • Spotted on #Flickr Memories: BeautyOfThePast posted a photo:

    A small cabinet card with lots of lovely detai… http://t.co/phvpgTtU #

  • New on Flickr: E Scott & Co, Brixton Carriage Works, 53 Acre Lane, Brixton SW2 – 1932: whatsthatpicture posted a… http://t.co/5PkoqUGY #
  • Then & Now: E Scott & Co, Brixton Carriage Works, lorries cars and char-a-bancs, 1932 on @Historypin http://t.co/k3jACsLW #
  • Usually it's my images identified on Flickr, but it's nice to return the favour – Richmond Mansions, Old Brompton Rd http://t.co/BUy1Rxah #
  • I LOVE this image of an Edwardian lady with snow covered coat, from a wonderful early 1900s album http://t.co/6jQgolG4 #
  • I really should listen to @PhotoDetective: Turn your piles of pictures into a model of photo organization in 5 steps. http://t.co/9xNJL6ai #
  • @EastMarple1 Have uploaded the HOOK family pics to Flickr. I'll leave you to report on your genealogical sleuthing – http://t.co/qn27GoiP #
  • Excellent! RT @orlaffitz: Pet Pictures – Irish dog photographs 1870-1920 http://t.co/2pEn1iqc #
  • Anyone heard of a studio "Kanige/Kanice(?) West, in Rochester, Kent, UK? Around 1924 http://t.co/qn27GoiP #
  • New on Flickr: Hook children, studio portrait December 1924: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    With the early… http://t.co/7UOhxSFw #

  • New on Flickr: Hook family portrait, December 1924: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    With the early 1900s Ho… http://t.co/svCk8vEY #

  • New on Flickr: Soldiers in Asia? "A color print made by Kodak": whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    The one and… http://t.co/bZ9XTlul #

  • @CdLCreative thanks for RT. @monaxle @medwayeyes this site has "Karise West" but no other info on them anywhere else http://t.co/gTMjcVWr in reply to CdLCreative #
  • Hello, hello, hello, who's the mystery onlooker?! http://t.co/MZhu9TgW #
  • Beautiful, intimate Edwardian family 'back yard' portrait of parents and their five daughters – http://t.co/dz3Eunsv #
  • @2nerdyhistgirls @DrFrond absolutely, wonderful ferns! Sadly I think the pot is empty in other shots #
  • New on Flickr: Family of five daughters(?) from Hook family album, c. 1905: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    http://t.co/0R1Z7Ntd #

  • New on Flickr: Policeman in Hook family album, with mystery onlooker!: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    The … http://t.co/NUGorFYk #

  • New on Flickr: Hook family album – unknown wrestler, boxer or … ?: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    An int… http://t.co/Jja52uni #

  • @HouseHistorian @JayneShrimpton I think you will especially appreciate this c. 1900 paneled interior http://t.co/D02VdzBg #
  • @DrFrond thanks for the comments. Did you know my 'day job' is working at Kew Gardens? I still remember the old fern house 🙁 in reply to DrFrond #
  • @DrFrond wow, bet you were pleased when you found that one! I'll keep an eye out for more, and ask our archives team in reply to DrFrond #
  • @DrFrond hard to tell from a small detail. Instinct tells me it's a real photo postcard – correct? If so, likely early 1900s in reply to DrFrond #
  • Beautiful RT @lifeasdaddy: Circa 1865 tintype. Very unusual mother/daughter pose for that era methinks. http://t.co/jlbMTQBr #
  • "I'll sit on the polar bear skin, you stroke its head" – unusual 1924 studio prop for childrens' portrait! http://t.co/qn27GoiP #
  • @DrFrond could you resend link to full pic – I think I'm being a bit dim! in reply to DrFrond #
  • @DrFrond I really, really am being dim – just found it open in another browser window! http://t.co/k0OZXp1N in reply to DrFrond #
  • @DrFrond ah, a cabinet card? Reverse blank? SUPERB picture, just my taste. Poss 1890s, I shall do some more research. http://t.co/k0OZXp1N in reply to DrFrond #
  • Not sure I've ever seen as many moustaches in one shot as in this large group of men, August 1907 http://t.co/egVwV1Di #
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