Weekly twitter digest: 2011-08-19

  • New on Flickr: Unknown soldier, by Joseph Pirone, Namur, Belgium: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    My assump… http://t.co/mmb57nb #

  • Retail therapy needed? RT @EastmanHouse: Psssst our benefit auction catalogue is available for viewing at http://t.co/nbgDQQD #GEHauction #
  • Just discovered this lovely set of old Karlsbad images from #Flickr user luckybatpoet – http://t.co/R9CI0Sw #
  • I really could browse #Flickr all night. Just did a simple search for the tag 'daguerreotype' and the next few tweets are a few of my faves #
  • Stunning fashion including gloves on this young beauty. 1850s New York daguerreotype. http://t.co/KJgwR2m #
  • Some great user comments adding valuable insight to this mother and daughter 1840s daguerreotype – http://t.co/dEyTpIW #
  • Fancy removing the mat from a daguerreotype and discovering another person portrayed – the wee lad's mother! http://t.co/Zd40kUm #
  • And finally, one of the nicest child daguerreotypes I've seen, complete with lovely Spanish doll – http://t.co/zr9rFYs #
  • Spotted on #Flickr pre-raphaelite beauty: unexpectedtales posted a photo:

    just bought this from ebay, so pl… http://t.co/pQcvVOc #

  • Spotted on #Flickr Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret: French, 1852-1929: John McNab posted a photo:

    Une Noce chez le p… http://t.co/rwnHIPo #

  • Spotted on #Flickr Table tennis: Crafty Dogma posted a photo:

    Mounted Late Victorian/Edwardian photo found … http://t.co/HxjRBKY #

  • Spotted on #Flickr Always Wanted a Roller: Harry_Bee posted a photo:

    He looks very happy. I wonder if the c… http://t.co/ZdGAB4T #

  • Spotted on #Flickr The Grapes, Narrow Street, E14: victorianlondon posted a photo:

    The Grapes
    Narrow Street http://t.co/BNbfTR2 #

  • New on Flickr: Mystery soldier, early 1900s, probably German: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    The final mil… http://t.co/wr2bMQF #

  • New on Flickr: Sprudelcolonnade, Karlsbad, 1897 (now Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic): whatsthatpicture posted a ph… http://t.co/whLZpkt #
  • New on Flickr: Hamburg Pleasure Boat, dated 21 August 1938: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    Nice to have a … http://t.co/9G25yJE #

  • Spotted on #Flickr Dorothy Rachel CHETTLE: EastMarple1 posted a photo:

    Dorothy Rachel CHETTLE
    Dorothy was … http://t.co/WhB7rgC #

  • Spotted on #Flickr Together, 1/6th-Plate Ambrotype, Circa 1857: lisby1 posted a photo:

    http://t.co/Z0BtgYf #

  • Spotted on #Flickr "26 Years," Scovill 1/6th-Plate Daguerreotype, Circa 1851: lisby1 posted a photo:

    Writte… http://t.co/yMmYcrm #

  • Great article from @postalheritage on the history of house numbering in the UK for all genalogists/photo detectives – http://t.co/p4J47gS #
  • Autochromes I suspect: MT @I_W_M @IWM_Centenary: #WWI wasn’t black and white… full-colour photos of the Western Front: http://ow.ly/64hQJ #
  • The only autochrome that I own, but a rather nice one: "Young girl in bonnet with dog", c. 1910 http://t.co/MCcMHyg #
  • Nice rppc of boats in Brittany, and good links to the Villard collection and over 30,000 French images online http://t.co/jxUo1W9 #
  • A repeat tweet, but I simply love this one "Lovely portrait of child in top hat, early 1900s" http://t.co/8nFODYy #
  • @EastmanHouse I feel the need to buy something – when is the full online catalogue going to be available? Will you ship to the UK? in reply to EastmanHouse #
  • @IWM_Centenary @I_W_M more WW1 colour photos (autochromes), these from Albert Kahn – http://t.co/YtrlDvE #
  • @So_Meow Good question! Looking online, and notably http://t.co/UVt5F0Y, I'd guess an outdoor scene with shallow dof would be c. 1 second in reply to So_Meow #
  • New on Flickr: Three lady cyclists, Germany, 1927: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    No real idea where this … http://t.co/oLtHhEv #

  • @JayneShrimpton welcome back, and thanks already for the retweet! #
  • Spotted on #Flickr August 17, 1927: National Library of Ireland on The Commons posted a photo:

    Appearances … http://t.co/3YaJctz #

  • Spotted on #Flickr A warning to shoplifters?: National Library of Ireland on The Commons posted a photo:

    Th… http://t.co/L5Yhro9 #

  • New on Flickr: Kenilworth Castle, stereoview, dated 11 July 1923: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    Despite t… http://t.co/eAyRCQx #

  • New on Flickr: Kenilworth Castle, stereoview, dated 11 July 1923: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    Despite t… http://t.co/5SUqQoO #

  • New on Flickr: Unknown early car on hilly road: whatsthatpicture posted a photo:

    Intriguing one this. Not s… http://t.co/OWblFzF #

  • I'm using @twfeed to tweet anything I like and fave on Flickr – posts say "Spotted on #Flickr quot;. If anyone gets fed up with it let me know! #
  • Spotted on #Flickr Track stars of the 92nd St. Young Men’s Hebrew Association, 1899: Center for Jewish History,… http://t.co/QZePjoF #
  • @ChrisMPaton Have never been! But also have this old Kenilworth pic http://t.co/aazPS6C which was ID'd on Flickr in reply to ChrisMPaton #
  • Suggestion that this car pic could be very early Isle of Man TT race. Exciting if it is! http://t.co/MGDYJ6q #
  • @manxheritage @iom_tt do you think that this could be a very early picture of the Isle of Man TT? http://t.co/MGDYJ6q #
  • On 19 August 1839, the French government announced the invention of the daguerreotype as a gift “Free to the World.” – http://t.co/fEj4ndm #
  • Superb and striking daguerreotype of Albert Sands Southworth, ca.1848 from @EastmanHouse http://t.co/JgfgMQL #
  • I have thousands of old photos, but very few of my own family "Darby & Joan Club trip to Hastings 18th(?) June 1955" http://t.co/rEswfcv #
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