Weekly twitter digest: 2011-08-05

  • I'm just back from nearly two tweetless weeks on holiday, lots to catch up on, and lots of great images and stories to share #
  • Did you know that the Library of Congress has 767 daguerreotypes in its online collection? http://1.usa.gov/pKirA1 #
  • @EastmanHouse has an amazing 3,500 daguerreotypes but few appear online – http://bit.ly/rpwtH3 (but many more via http://bit.ly/rpwtH3 ) #
  • An astonishing daguerreotype from @mediamuseum of Julia Margaret Cameron and her daughter, 1845 http://bit.ly/qOudKt #
  • Amazed to read that that daguerreotype of Julia Margaret Cameron was taken 20 years before she herself would start taking photographs! #
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