In focus: Lickley-Dunlop Victorian Family Album

52 Unknown family, Glasgow mid 1860s
Family Group, early 1860s, by Downie, Jamaica St, Glasgow

I stumbled across a wonderful Victorian album on Flickr today. It is so typical of family albums assembled during that era, with images ranging from the early 1860s (including some real gems like the family portrait shown here) through to the 1880s or even 1890s. I have a few of these albums myself, just not of my own ancestors, only strangers.

It must be a real treasure to have something like this preserved in the family, but it’s great to also see it shared online.  If anyone can help with any dating or identifications I’m sure Don would be very pleased to hear from you.

Images from the Lickley-Dunlop Victorian Family Album. Displayed with kind permission.

View the whole set on Flickr

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