Tram in Teddington (as featured in new book)

About a year or so ago someone emailed me out of the blue about this image from my Flickr photostream. He was writing a book about the London and South Western Railway electrification and wanted to use the image. I never refuse a genuine, non-commercial request so duly offered a high-res copy of the file. Well, the book is now out and the author, Colin Chivers, has kindly sent a copy along to me. It has a fascinating selection of old photographs from the early part of the 20th century and will be of interest not just to railway buffs but also especially to those with an interest in the history of the south west London area.

I was down that way for a meeting back in the summer and used the chance to take a modern day equivalent, which I then made into a ‘then-and-now’ montage.

Looking Into the Past - Teddington c. 100 years ago

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