Mystery album of 19th century images with Scottish, English, Irish, European, Asian and Australian connections

Norma Robertson McEdward

Norma Robertson McEdward

This wonderful album contains an amazing assortment of some 140 images, ranging from the early 1860s and containing primarily carte de visite and cabinet portraits, but also animals and landscapes.

The largest single nation represented is Scotland, but with many images from just across the border in Berwick upon Tweed, and then on through Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, India, Sri Lanka, British Burmah and Australia.

Family names represented include Dickson, Edward,Young, Gray, Yair(?) and Clarke.

There are even two ‘celebrity’ pictures, one of Professor Blackie, the other unconfirmed (Prof Sellers?).

Here are some pages highlighting the different photographs in the album, and what I have managed to find out about them.

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