Hull Trawler Challenge (repost)

Originally posted February 2009 …

Ship docked at Custom House, near Billingsgate Market, London

Hull Trawler H413 New Zealand

Hull Trawler H1 Canada - deck and crew members

Unknown Hull Trawler in heavy see

Hull Trawler H1 Canada - crew

Sunk Lightship

Hull Trawler H413 New Zealand - deck and crew members

Hull Trawler in heavy sea - H81 St Johns?

Hull Trawler H413 New Zealand - crew

Hull Trawler H1 Canada

Hull Trawler - H993 Lundy?

Horns Rev lightship - day and night

Hull Trawler H826 Isle of Man

London registered paddle steamer Iona

Unknown sailing ship

Mission Ship Queen Alexandra LO51

Hull Trawler H413 SS New Zealand

Hull Trawler H413 SS New Zealand

Hull Trawler H413 SS New Zealand

Hull Trawler H413 SS New Zealand

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Interested in history, genealogy, mysteries, old photos, ships, fishing, Hull, and life at sea in the early 1900s? The Hull Trawler Challenge, here on, is a brand new project inspired by a stunning set of over 70 original photographs depicting life on board two Hull trawlers in the very early 1900s. These wonderful photos provide a unique insight into life on board a fishing boat at that time, but also provoke many questions – who are the people, can we name any of them, who took the photos, why, and when? That’s where the Hull Trawler Challenge comes in.

There are three ways for people to contribute, in what is a unique on-line and ‘real world’ project:

  • on the Hull Trawler Challenge website and blog: find out more about these ships, and the people who sailed on them – visit
  • on the photo sharing website Flickr: see all the wonderful pictures, read and post comments, and get involved in discussions – see
  • if you happen to be in London this coming weekend (27 Feb – 1 March) I’ll have the pictures on show at the Who Do You Think You Are? Live show at Olympia (stand 99 – see and will be getting the public and experts to participate
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