In Focus

In this section you’ll find regular updates highlighting some of the wonderful images to be found around the world. Occasionally I’ll pick my own images, if I feel they tell a particular story, but generally these will be from anyone and anywhere – whatever has caught my eye. There will also be regular features picking out some of the best public and private collections of vintage photographs available online.

If you have any suggestions for inclusion, whether you’re promoting your own material or have seen something you think deserves to be in the spotlight, do drop me a note with details.

Five years of Flickr Commons – a personal review

16 January 2013 marks the five year anniversary of the launch of Flickr Commons. At that time I was already an avid Flickr user and had started to share vintage photos from my own personal collection. So the promise of … Continue reading

New Flickr Commons tools – ‘on this day’ & interactive map

I’ve been having a play with some new tools to help people explore the wealth of images that exist on Flickr Commons. The first one is a gallery which allows you to view images from certain dates, and not just … Continue reading

Respecting copyright of old photographs – the good, the bad, and the ugly

I regard myself as ‘custodian’ of my collection of vintage photographs – after all I didn’t actually create the images – and the joy of sharing them online is to see the comments and to find the images (or most … Continue reading

Ealing’s Victorian photographic studios and early photographers

I am starting to pull together all the information I can find about Ealing’s early photographic studios.  This is just a first attempt – very much work in progress – to share this information with others who may be interested … Continue reading

Mapping Flickr Commons

Update 6 Oct 2012 – I now have a web-based map up and running Did you know that Flickr Commons, home to some of the finest images from many of the best public collections in the world, currently has 181,247 … Continue reading

Some Fathers and Sons for Father’s Day

Work commitments and a manically busy schedule have stopped me posting for some time, but hopefully I’ll get back in the swing now things are calming down! It is Father’s Day here in the UK today, as it is in … Continue reading

In focus: Lickley-Dunlop Victorian Family Album

Family Group, early 1860s, by Downie, Jamaica St, Glasgow I stumbled across a wonderful Victorian album on Flickr today. It is so typical of family albums assembled during that era, with images ranging from the early 1860s (including some real … Continue reading

In focus: Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of Abraham Lincoln. 1846

As seen on Flickr Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of Abraham Lincoln. 1846 Image by The Library of Congress Click on image to view original on Flickr This wonderful image, a quarter plate daguerreotype, is currently the oldest image in my … Continue reading

In focus: Vintage Photograph Groups on Flickr

I administer a number of groups on Flickr, some of which I’ll no doubt feature and promote in due course. But for starters be sure to check out the Vintage Photographs [Directory] group. Like other self-proclaimed meta-groups on Flickr (there’s … Continue reading

In focus: A father and and his children. 1867

As seen on Flickr A father and and his children Image by Crafty Dogma Click on image to view original on Flickr This has to be one of the more unusual and strangely captivating early carte de visite that I’ve … Continue reading

In focus: British Postal Museum & Archive photographic collections

See more BPMA images: – on Flickr – collections catalogue This is the first of what I hope will be a regular series of articles featuring collections of vintage photographs that have caught my eye.  I’ll especially aim to focus … Continue reading

Photographs from the Powerhouse Museum Collection

The Powerhouse Museum has just launched a plugin for WordPress (the software that this blogs runs on) which allows you to easily embed images of their collections in your own blog. Below is a selection showing some of the wonderful … Continue reading