Hull Trawler Challenge

Hull Trawler H413 New Zealand - crew

Can you help identify the people in these photographs? And when they were taken? And who took them?

These stunning photographs, discovered in a London auction in February 2009, tell a wonderful story of life on board two Hull fishing trawlers, the H1 SS Canada and H413 SS New Zealand in the early 1900s.

But the story is incomplete, and that’s where your help is needed

Whether you’re a historian, a genealogist, or just like a challenge, and no matter whether you are from Hull or have perhaps never even been there, the Hull Trawler Challenge aims to draw on the collective knowledge of people worldwide to help solve some of the mysteries behind these photographs.

Hull Trawler H413 New Zealand

How to contribute?

Read about the SS Canada and SS New Zealand. Check what we know about them, and who sailed on them.  If you have factual information about the ships please add comments to pages on this site.

Look at the pictures in this amazing set. If you head over to Flickr you can see the whole set, and add your comments on the photographs themselves.