What’s that picture?

Have you ever looked at an old photograph and wondered where it was taken? What something is in a picture? Or whose face it is staring back at you?

What’s That Picture? is a site for anyone who wants hints, tips and practical help to find out where, what, or who is featured in an old picture.

Here you’ll find Recent Discoveries, new Mysteries, and coming soon some helpful hints and tips to help you identify and date your own photographs. There’s also the In Focus section, shining a spotlight on wonderful vintage images from around the world.

Recent posts

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2016-09-16

Another amazing selection of #onthisday photos and letters from 16 Sept 1916 #WW1 via @Europeana1914 @I_W_M @Flickr https://t.co/eUFM35v53L ->

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2016-09-09

My uncle Dave, b. Apr 1940, who sadly passed away this week. I'm learning first hand how precious family photos are https://t.co/wLZAQF85ZX -> RT @LivesOfWW1: #LivesOfWW1 The first tanks went into action this week in 1916 – find out more … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2016-09-02

He survived 13 months. Killed in action on 8 October 1917 at Passchendaele https://t.co/8Go8FolA0a via @LivesOfWW1 https://t.co/tpko3PPMZB -> 18 years old. Father was born in New Zealand. Royal Flying Corp. So many questions about his oh so short life https://t.co/7oGd4BxQjG … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2016-08-26

RT @LivesOfWW1: Here is Gordon Campbell VC with his pet dog Nelson: https://t.co/sjGFPFxuBY #NationalDogDay #LivesofWW1 #WW1 https://t.co/… -> Great event to learn about copyright for anyone in UK working with family history items https://t.co/Iu5B2RXlO6 https://t.co/2a17SeMAaW -> RT @I_W_M: #OnThisDay 1939: … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2016-08-19

RT @ThisDayInWWI: Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2c biplane of the RFC flying over mill at Franvillers Aug 25 1916 https://t.co/mRtar1POPF http… -> Annie Anderson (alleged) larcenist. 25 August 1903 via @TWAMmuseums https://t.co/PkYsxFFxKu https://t.co/erW9BjPHaw ->

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2016-08-12

See & hear Bertram Brooks-Carrington, British WW1 official cameraman & watch film via @i_w_m https://t.co/y0YH3CGQqH https://t.co/dqHQWTvBQd -> RT @jamesinealing: To think before today I'd never heard the term 'tankette', now it's my favourite thing! https://t.co/WITXqsfFyn https://… ->

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2016-08-05

RT @britishmuseum: Pioneer of early photography Roger Fenton died #onthisday in 1869. He was the Museum’s first photographer https://t.co/3… -> Lovely early military image, now identified by @DavidUnderdown9 as 106th Regiment of Foot (Bombay Light Infantry) https://t.co/uwqzqOjhRP ->

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2016-07-29

RT @ProjectCARARE: Great image of tourists at the Acropolis c1875, Leon & Levy, public domain @europeanaeu https://t.co/zvWpS6XV9h https://… -> RT @JaneAudas: Pets win prizes. Miss Beasy's Cats, a circus act c1920s. Via @Europeanaeu https://t.co/dxUdEvJRuC https://t.co/J99IcwtjU5 -> RT @LivesOfWW1: #Discover #WW1 … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2016-07-22

Mystery pic identified for @lancspublib Colne as Bala, N Wales thanks to the @WeAreCyclingUK CTC 'winged wheels'! https://t.co/Ma8ri310vQ -> Lovely Historic Photography collections from @AmgueddfaCymru https://t.co/bjOyNUWu1d -> Strange, this was my office @kewgardens for a few years, where the bed … Continue reading

Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2016-07-15

Upgrade to the lighting on my home built digitisation set-up, thank to cheap eBay adjustable microphone stands! https://t.co/4kuoDJJduv -> 1947 colour image of @kewgardens – anyone know process? Dufaycolor? Photographer Harry Seymour Elvin 1898-1961 https://t.co/eyeuEBkvpx -> RT @LynnsWPics: Sunday Pic. … Continue reading