Weekly @PhotosOfThePast Twitter digest w/c 2020-06-26

  • Absolutely love these two glass plate negatives. Ca 1900 https://t.co/Cq1HjBLrEP ->
  • RT @JayneShrimpton: Just received a new client photograph for dating in which the subject wears fashionable dress very similar to that worn… ->
  • Horse Guards Parade, London. Glass plate nagative ca 1900. Anyone care to identify which Guards regiment this is? https://t.co/PKwEF2x4pO ->
  • *negative (I quite like 'nagative', though I'd really, really better resist the temptation to start calling my wife that!) in reply to PhotosOfThePast ->
  • Found on Flickr: Farewell to the Curragh of Kildare from National Library of Ireland on The Commons -… https://t.co/BATy4cQe9o ->
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