Weekly twitter digest: 2012-09-21

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One Response to Weekly twitter digest: 2012-09-21

  1. Janet Scott says:

    Hello James,
    My name is Janet Scott, I live in South Australia. My Mothers maiden name was Mabel Frost. She and her siblings grew up in Ealing in the earley 1900s. Her sister Margery was maried to the photographer Reginald Shepard, who worked at the Wakefield studios in the early days of the 1900s. (They lived all their maried lives at 26 Florence rd (now a Doctors Surgery) I have many old photos taken by the Wakefield studios of family, Ealing, people etc. They are stashed away somewhere in storage at the moment but I would dearly like them to go to a good home one day. I am a bit of a cyber grumpy I’m afraid, so don’t know how to scan photos but when one of my grand children visit from interstate I will be able to get them to help. If your interested??? Regards Jan Scott.

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