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I administer a number of groups on Flickr, some of which I’ll no doubt feature and promote in due course. But for starters be sure to check out the Vintage Photographs [Directory] group. Like other self-proclaimed meta-groups on Flickr (there’s the History Directory for starters, and lots more) the main aim is not to be an active group with huge numbers of photographs, but to bring together structured links to anything and everything that falls within the category.

Currently the group has amassed over 150 (yes, one hundred and fifty!) vintage photograph related groups, under such diverse categories as Military, Natural World, Photographic Techniques and Styles, and even a bit of Risqué.  Which are your favourites?  For the sleuths amongst you, I’ve found there’s no better way to get mystery images identified than finding a related group and sharing your images there.  Plus of course you get the chance to help others and share your own knowledge.

You’ll need to head on over to the group description on Flickr (follow link and scroll down) to get the most up-to-date list, but to start the ball rolling I’ve copied the current (31 Jan 2011) list below. I’m especially keen to fill in some of the gaps in the geographic regions as I’m sure their must be vintage photo groups on Flickr for places like Africa and the Middle East.

This section particularly needs fleshing out. Can you recommend any groups focussing on vintage photographs in specific regions?

Geotagged : Vintage Photographs –

Native American Portraits –
Vintage Latin American Photographs –
Chinatown Time Travel USA –

Vintage Britain and Ireland –
United Kingdom Social History to 1989 –
Holland before the year 1920 / Nederland van vóór 1920 –…
Vintage Russia –
Vintage France –
Hungarian women 1850-1920 –
Sweden before 1945 –
Early Photography in Austria-Hungary –
Early Photography in Germany –


Middle East

Japanese in Yesteryear –
Vintage Japan – (1926-89)
Journey to the Old Orient –
Old China –

Australia / New Zealand
Vintage Australian Photos –
Old New Zealand –


Vintage Kids –
Vintage Portraiture –
The Smiling Victorian –
Vintage Eyes That Speak –
Who are these (unidentified) people? –
Vintage Female Photos –
Nostalgic Beautiful Women Pin-ups 1800’s-1950’s –
Vintage Geisha –
Vintage Teens –
Civil War Era Portraits –
Victorian Photographic Portraits of People –
Vintage Family –
Vintage Men in the Military –
Early Photography Wedding Portraits –
Old Group Portraits –
Vintage Pics of Male Togetherness –
Black People – Vintage African American Images of the Past –
Born in the eighteenth century –
Hidden Mother : Tintypes and Cabinets –
Vintage pierrots (real people) –
Vintage Orphaned Photographs –
Vintage Women Hairstyles and Fashions Pre 1950s –
Abandoned relatives –
Genealogy –
Victorian Children –
Victorian Photographic Portraits of People –
The spooky Victorian –
Vintage Beauties in Profile –
Vintage Photos of Men Smoking Pipes –

(not for specific geographical locations – see above)
Vintage Gardens & Gardeners –
Vintage Seaside –
Vintage Home Interiors –
Vintage exteriors: Old photos of streets & buildings –
Vintage Panorama Photos –

Natural World
Antique Photographs of Nature –
Vintage Landscapes –
Vintage Animals –
Vintage Pets –
Antique Cat Photos –
Vintage photos of dogs and cats –
Old Photos With Dogs –
Old Photos with Horses –
Old Photos With Bears –
Vintage Wire Fox Terriers –
Antique Animals –
Vintage People with Animals –

Playthings of the Past: Antique Photos of Dolls, Toys, & Games –
Vintage Bikes –
Vintage Parasols –
Period Photographs of Transportation (pre-1980) –
Eyeglasses in Vintage Photography –

Activities / Events
Vintage Occupational Photographs –
Vintage Readers –
Vintage Musicians –
Early Photography Wedding Portraits –
Antique Christmas: 1830-1945 –
19th Century Sports Photographs –
Vintage tea and cake –
Vintage Boy Scouts –
Vintage Photos of Men Smoking Pipes –


Military History –
Vintage Men in the Military –
Photographs of the Civil War –
The Great War Archive Flickr Group –
World War II Vintage Photos –
Images of World War Two –

Warning, this groups contain material only suitable for adults and show full frontal nudity, and sometimes more! Please only visit these groups if you are of a suitable age and not offended by material of a sexual and possibly explicit nature.
Vintage_nudes –
vintage nudes –
Retro / Vintage Risque erotic photos –
Vintage Erotism –

Miscellaneous genre
Souvenir Photos (Vintage) –
Vintage Floraflage –
Vintage Background People –
Curiouser and curiouser! –
Vintage Spirit Photography –
It’s Only a Paper Moon –
The Snapshot –
Vintage Photo Booth –
Funny Found Photos –

Dated Vintage Photographs (pre 1945) –
150 Years Old –
Born in the eighteenth century –
Vintage Victorian –
100 years old –
~ THE 20th CENTURY ~ –
Photos from 1900 – 1910 –
Photos from 1910 – 1920 –
Photos from the 1920s –
Photos from the 1930s –
Photos from the 1940s –
1920’s –
Original 1920s –
Pre-1930 Photos –
Original 1930s Photos –
Original 1940s Photos –
World War II Vintage Photos –

Daguerreotypes –
Magic Lanterns –
Vintage Stereoviews –
Antique Stereo –
Cartes de Visites –
Cabinet Cards –
Best Cabinet Card Photographs Uncommon – Rare and Beautiful –
Hand Colored Photographs (Vintage) –
Tintypes, ambrotypes, Wet-plate Collodion photographs –
cyanotype –
Postcards Vintage –
Vintage Photo Borders –
Advertising Cabinet Photographs –
Vintage Photographic Amusements (Trick Photography) –
Vintage Photo Booth –
Glass Negatives –
The Flip Side –
Studio backs only…tribute to victorian era photographers –
Photographs with writing on back –
Vintage Panorama Photos –

Portrait Studios – Pre-1950 –
Pioneers of Photography –
Emulating Frith – (the closest I have found to a group representing one individual photographer!)

Vintage photography –
Antique Photographs –
Historic & Old Photos –
Old Photographs –
Flickrs Top Vintage Photos (invited only) –
Collectionner la photo ancienne –
Old photos and good old memories –
Vintage Escape –
Faded Photographs –
“Old Pictures & Postcards” –
Old photos ! –
Beautiful Vintage Memory –
Old Photographs given new life. –
Collectionner la photo ancienne –
Looking into the past –

What’s that picture? –
Found photographs –
Photo Trouvée –
Who are these (unidentified) people? –
B&W Found Photos –
The Museum of Found Photographs –
Mysterious Vintage Photos –
Where? – unidentified places –
Found photos detectives –
Vintage Orphaned Photographs –

Related areas on Flickr
Flickr Commons –
History Directory –

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