In focus: A father and and his children. 1867

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A father and and his children
A father and and his children

Image by Crafty Dogma
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This has to be one of the more unusual and strangely captivating early carte de visite that I’ve seen on Flickr in a while. The card style and photographic studio setting tie in well with the 1860s date, but the pose, and indeed the subject of what we assume is the father and his three children, is something quite out of the ordinary for that time. Photographically it is rather an odd composition – the empty space top and bottom, the chair leg and frame that creep into the right-hand side, and the slightly clumsy imbalance between the small boy with face almost toughing his father’s whilst his eldest sister is more removed – but somehow that just adds to the charm.

Head on over to this wonderful image from Crafty Dogma on Flickr to comment, and be sure to check out some of the other fascinating images they have.

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