A birthday gift from Annie Pretty

I stumbled across the site Reminiscene via twitter today.  It’s a site which aims to reunite orphaned photographs, and indeed whole albums, with their long-lost rightful owners. An admirable intention in itself, but also some wonderful photos, great stories, and intriguing mysteries.

Annie PrettyHere’s just one example of the albums that they have placed online.

The album is inscribed “A Present From  Your Lovin Partner Annie Pretty as a Birthday Gift With Her Best Wishes to
Sarah Stannard 1884”

The images appear to all be cartes de visite, seemingly dating from about the time the album was given.  Studio locations include Hadleigh and Colchester, plus a few from east and south London.

If you think you can lend a hand with identification head on over to see the full album, and drop them a note with anything you find.  There are several more like it too, and some nice stories of the ones that have been re-homed.

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